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COVID craziness September 8, 2021 edition

Charles Woodson Helps Raise $75 million for Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI

(1) In one of those cosmic coincidences that makes me feel like dancing the universe is just a seamless web of teleological meaning, the woman in Lincoln Nebraska who followed another woman and her child around a grocery store trying to cough on them (they were masked, as required by local ordinance; she of course was not) turns out to be a graduate of the late lamented Arizona Summit Law School, one of the Infilaw family of educational griftathons. Shockingly she appears to have never been a lawyer, and has been in software sales for the past twenty years (Hannibal Lecter voice: Not anymore . . .)

(2) Here are a couple of comments from friends of mine:

One of the Drs. my wife works with was telling her about a recent Covid patient of his.

1. The guy was unvaccinated
2. The guy had self-medicated with Ivermectin
3. Even though lung-transplants units are backlogged, they miraculously found a match available for him.
4. Lung transplant facility requires a Covid vaccination within a reasonable timeframe after the transplant to be eligible for the transplant.
5. Guy’s wife refuses to sign the vaccination commitment form.
6. Guy dies.

My wife works with children in a cancer hospital. It’s not unusual for parents to be unvaccinated, and be unmoved by the physician gently explaining the risk that presents to their child. The world can be very sad sometimes.

When I try to give the Democratic party’s leadership at the national and state level the benefit of the doubt, I assume that they must have just been caught off guard by how utterly insane the right wing in general and the Republican party in particular has become. Therefore they just weren’t ready to at least try to put the hammer down, by making anti-vaxxers feel real pain. Why are unvaccinated people allowed to fly on commercial jets? Why are they allowed inside of public buildings? Why aren’t they being denied scarce medical resources as a matter of course?

The idea of kicking an innocent sick person out of an ICU to treat an unvaccinated Covidiot — something that’s happening several times a day every day now — is obscene. And don’t give me your slippery slope about cigarettes and Bud Light and Doritos. This is very much its own emergency, and we’re falling down the slippery slope on the other side of the hill, by continuing to indulge these people against all reason and decency.

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