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The Speech


I very rarely watch politics on television. But visiting my parents, they had Biden’s Afghanistan speech on so I watched it.

It’s a terrible situation. But it was a great speech. Simply put, it’s amazing for a U.S. president to be honest with the American people about the failure of our foreign policy and say he was willing to take all the heat for stopping the mistake. It would have been a lot easier for Biden, politically, to just continue with the last 20 years since most Americans have forgot we were even still fighting over there. It was forthright and honest. Good for him. The idiots in the media and the chattering Beltway classes can’t deal with this because they are so in the Beltway national security loop where this kind of honesty is rare to nonexistent. No one criticizing Biden can answer his fundamental question: what would another year or five years or twenty years do? That’s because of course there is no answer.

Twitter fools talking Biden stumbling over his words or using a teleprompter are just clowns. So much of politics is performative for the takes. Having a president who doesn’t care about any of this is….useful.

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