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On the one hand this anti-COVID vaccine activist died because he refused a safe and free prevention measure

Don’t get too excited, it wasn’t Alex Berenson who died of COVID unfortunately

On the other hand . . . um, give us a second here, I’m sure we can both sides this somehow or the other:

Freedom Defender Caleb Wallace Dies of Covid-19

San Angelo was rapidly approaching that 15 percent threshold and many were anticipating another business shutdown. Wallace wanted to know who was generating the data and how it was created. He didn’t trust the government to want to keep businesses open.

“I’ve been bombarding you all with emails. I hope one day you will respond,” he said. He wanted to know how Shannon Medical Center was determining who was positive with Covid-19.

Shannon’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chris Barnett, MD, tried unsuccessfully to convince Wallace that Shannon relies on experts at outsourced labs that are using national standards to determine if a test specimen is Covid-19 positive. But Wallace persisted.

“Is Shannon withholding this information, is it not available? … We’re getting false positives. We are leveling this tyranny on our citizens with incomplete data,” he accused the medical organization.

He then trained his guns on the politicians.

“Is this type of tyranny without the data to prove [it is] as such worth it? Mayor Gunter, I am quite disappointed with your reaction to this,” he said.

“I can’t tell the difference between you and (California) Governor Newsom,” he said to County Judge Steve Floyd.

“My health has nothing to do with you. It’s not my job for your health. As harsh as that sounds, but our constitutional fundamental rights protect that. I care about freedom more that I care about your personal health.” . . .

OK so he’s dead now, with three young children, a fourth on the way, and a crop in the field, but:

Many have criticized Wallace for his dogged pursuit for the truth during an era of civil unrest, wavering medical experts, changing scientific conditions, political censorship, uneven enforcement of mitigation rules, and a November presidential election many still suspect was not honest. In general he was just a blue collar guy who sold welding equipment who didn’t trust the government or experts because he sensed he didn’t have the freedom to weigh and consider in the public square the information that he held in suspicion. He reacted to that by being vocal and organizing public protests. It was his way of seeking the truth.

At the same time, his death reveals that Covid-19 is deadly.

In other words the truth lies somewhere in the middle and the next six months will be crucial.


The family has a GoFundMe page to help with family expenses during this difficult time. 

The problem with being a right winger in America in 2021 is that your choices are, face up to the fact that basically everything you’ve ever believed is wrong, or live in state of extreme and continual denial. Two roads diverge in a wood, and almost all these people go down just one of them.

All the more reason that, when somebody goes down the other, we need to kill that calf and call the family round.

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