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Cancel culture is out of control


Looks like an Oberlin sophomore complained about Kroger deli turkey and Miracle Whip on Wonder Bread being called a “banh mi” again:

The spokesman for a major evangelical nonprofit was fired for promoting vaccines on the MSNBC “Morning Joe” cable news show, Religion News Service has learned.

Daniel Darling, senior vice president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters, was fired Friday (Aug. 27) after refusing to back down from his pro-vaccine statements, according to a source authorized to speak for Darling.

His firing comes at a time when Americans face a new surge of COVID-19 infections due to the highly contagious Delta variant even as protesters and politicians resist mask mandates or other preventive measures. 

Making anodyne comments about how vaccines are good becoming a firing offense tells you exactly where evangelicals are right now, and they’re going to drag a lot of people down with them.

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