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A few more people murdered by right wing media


A Trump-worshiping Incel murdered five people, including a very young child, in Plymouth England:

The man suspected of killing five people before turning the gun on himself in a mass shooting in England on Thursday night was an incel Trump supporter who posted about “devil worshipers” in government.

The suspected shooter has been named by police as Jake Davison, a 22-year-old who is reported to have worked in construction. Davison allegedly killed two women, two men and one victim who officers described as a “very young girl,” during the rampage in Plymouth.

It was the worst mass shooting in Britain since 2010

Before the shooting, Davison expressed his admiration for Donald Trump on Facebook and posted multiple self-pitying YouTube videos in which he identified himself as part of the incel community. On his Facebook page, Davison claimed to be from Arizona, but his distinctive accent is typical of people from the south-west of England.

In one post from 2018, Davison shared a Trump quote and, when his friends ridiculed him in the comments, the suspect hit back: “You may not agree with his political views (I do) but he is different from the scum like Hillary or the people running our country like the neo-con sellout that is [then-British Prime Minister] Theresa May.”

Elsewhere in the comments, Davison wrote about conspiracy theories that sound similar to those pushed by QAnon believers. He wrote: “Scepticism of government is key and everyone should be ready and prepared for anything bad that could happen. I am aware much of the government is deeply flawed there are many paedophiles and even reported devil worshipers people that sell us out to foreign countries.”

Davison’s Facebook likes suggest he was obsessed with conservative U.S. politics. He followed the pages of Trump, all of his children, and several Trump businesses, as well as pages for the NRA, Fox News, Breitbart, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and one called “Ted Nugent for President.” In one comment, he said it was his dream to move to the States.

In disturbing YouTube videos posted just weeks before the shooting, Davison appears to be deeply unhappy about his life. Under the username “Professor Waffle,” he refers to people like him as “blackpillers,” incels who believe unattractive men will never be romantically successful regardless of how much effort they put into how they look. In one comment under his video, he wrote that he’d been “consuming the blackpill overdose.”

In one video, he grabs his belly fat and bemoans his lack of motivation to get fit, complains about women being “simple-minded,” and justifies sexual assault by saying women ignore “average men and below average.”

“When you’ve worked so fucking hard… and you see other fuckers that work nowhere near as hard as you, then you wake up and look at the wall and think ‘Nothing’s changed,’” he whines in one clip. “I’m still in the same position, same period in life, still a fucking this, that, virgin, fat, ugly, whatever you want to call it. What’s changed? Nothing.”

Another video sees Davison spending 14 minutes complaining that he missed out on experiencing teenage love because of his weight, and saying that he has no desire to get a relationship with an adult woman.

“Let’s say I get with a woman my age,” he says. “She’s had a million relationships. Likely been destroyed and broken and torn apart by a fucking chad. She’s probably completely incapable of loving anyone like she did when she was 16, 17, 15, when she first got with that fucking chad.”

At the end of his final video posted before the shooting, Davison compares himself to The Terminator, telling viewers: “I know it’s a movie, but I like to think sometimes that I’m The Terminator. Despite reaching almost total system failure, he keeps trying to accomplish his mission.”


A California father confessed to killing his two young children after researching QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories that led him to believe they had “serpent DNA,” according to an FBI affidavit.

Matthew Taylor Coleman, a 40-year-old surf instructor, has been charged with killing his 2-year-old son and 10-month-old daughter, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities say he took them to Rosarito, Mexico, and shot them with a spear gun because he thought they would become monsters.

The U.S. attorney’s office says Coleman was charged Wednesday with the foreign murder of U.S. nationals.

Prosecutors say Coleman drove them from Santa Barbara to Mexico over the weekend and killed them on Monday. Coleman told an FBI agent that he had been “enlightened” by conspiracy theories and received visions telling him his wife possessed serpent DNA and had passed it on to his kids, the affidavit stated.

The relationship between incels and right wing media is a subject that needs more attention. As I noted a few months ago, one of the more disturbing ways the Internet radicalizes people is by getting sexually frustrated young men to transform their extremely common experience into the endlessly insidious consequence of a global conspiracy to victimize them.

Throw in guns, which are extremely difficult to acquire in England — hence the extreme rarity of mass shootings there — but are available by the hundreds of million in America, plus the fact that the compulsive consumption of right wing media is driving large portions of the population quite literally insane, and you (we) have a problem.

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