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The tale of Comrade Ogilvy


We here at LGM are big fans of JD Vance, who somehow managed to rise from the hardscrabble streets of the Cincinnati suburbs to the hallways of the Yale Law School, before making a bundle publishing hillbilly poverty porn, and becoming real life Bond villain Peter Thiel’s pseudo-Appalachian messenger boy.

Vance’s current life goal is to fulfill Thiel’s New Gilded Age desire to buy himself his own personal US senator, representing the worst state ever naturally. Of course to win the Ohio Republican primary these days you have to commit various unnatural acts while displaying your undying fealty to Donald Trump. Hence:

My personal favorite is this one:

Although naming this guy “JD” is yet another example of the hackish touches that occasionally plague this series (666 5th Avenue? David Pecker?), he’s still one of my favorite minor characters.

And in the spirit of bipartisanship that animates this blog, if (under court order) I had to say one nice thing about Briahna Joy Gray, it would be that she hasn’t deleted this:

That’s all I’ve got .

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