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Too crazy for the party of Eastern Oregon


In a major upset, a substantial group of Republicans still believe that being an accessory to sedition is bad:

The Oregon House voted 59-1 Thursday to expel Rep. Mike Nearman, the first time it had ejected a sitting representative.

That means his seat representing a rural district west of Salem will likely sit vacant for the remainder of the legislative session, which must wrap up by June 27.

Lawmakers removed Nearman because he let far-right demonstrators, some of whom were heavily armed, into the Capitol on Dec. 21 while lawmakers were holding a special session. Surveillance video captured Nearman opening a door and exiting the building, stepping aside so that demonstrators waiting at the entrance could quickly slip into the building. The demonstrators clashed with police who attempted to expel them from the building and allegedly sprayed police with bear mace.

Last week, a video from earlier in December surfaced which showed Nearman instructing viewers how they should wait outside an entrance to the Capitol and text his cell phone. Then, “somebody might exit that door while you’re standing there,” Nearman said, a plan he dubbed “Operation Hall Pass.”

Well, at least Nearman can get a head start on the wingnut welfare circuit, presumably starting with Tucker.

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