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James “Jimmy Concepts” Lindsay has some very bad news for college graduates:

I like how the fact that this is a single random anecdote is even made clear in the title:

I’m not inclined to hire a graduate from one of America’s elite universities. That marks a change. A decade ago I relished the opportunity to employ talented graduates of Princeton, Yale, Harvard and the rest. Today? Not so much.

But, anyway, who is this important employer who won’t hire WOKE college students and instead will look for high school dropouts with maybe a few computer science or chemical engineering majors mixed in? The head of HR for Goldman Sachs? Microsoft? McKinsey? Google, maybe?

Mr. Reno is editor of First Things

LOL. Sorry Ivy Leaguers (and soon most college graduates!): thanks to the tireless work of the Intellectual Dark Web, your lifelong dream to edit an article written by an adjunct at Ave Maria Law School arguing that the 14th Amendment requires states to force women to carry their rapist’s baby to term and the 3rd Amendment requires same-sex marriage to be made illegal has been shattered. I regret being the bearer of bad news.

I would, however, avoid hiring anybody who thinks this kind of reasoning is anything but abjectly moronic:

I mean, I concede the point: if we define “any discussion of race more sophisticated and critical than a Bill O’Reilly airport history book” as being “Critical Race Theory” then plenty of “Critical Race Theory” is taught in schools. To definite it in this way requires knowing absolutely nothing about it, so the shoe fits snugly.

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