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The face of MAGA


Kraus has several driving while intoxicated and other traffic offenses on his criminal record in Minnesota dating back to 2007, according to online records viewed by Heavy. He was convicted of DWI twice in 2007, again in 2009, in 2012 and in 2016. A sixth DWI charge, in 2013, was dismissed as part of a careless driving plea. His 2012 and 2016 DWI charges were both felonies.

Kraus has also been convicted of speeding, driving with no proof of insurance, driving without a license and twice of driving with a canceled license. In 2018, he was sentenced to a year of probation and 10 days in the McLeod County jail after pleading guilty to driving with a canceled license. He was given credit for two days served and was allowed to serve the remainder of the jail time on weekends.

Kraus was wanted on a warrant for violating his probation stemming from his 2016 DWI arrest. He was sentenced in that felony case in 2017 to 244 days in jail, with credit for 244 days he had already served at the Anoka County Jail, along with a stayed prison sentence of seven years. He was placed on probation for seven years.

The probation violation was filed on November 10, 2020, and there is no record of him being arrested on that warrant. According to court documents, the violation accuses Kraus of failing to have no use of mood-altering chemicals, failure to have no use of alcohol, failure to complete a chemical dependency evaluation within 30 days, failure to follow all state and county laws and failure to complete 10 days of home electronic monitoring.

If only some uppity bitch didn’t make him angry all the time this wouldn’t have happened:

Nick Kraus has several other non-driving related arrests on his criminal record. He was convicted in 2004 of fifth-degree assault, in 2006 of falsely reporting a crime and in 2015 of misdemeanor obstruction of legal process. In that 2015 case, charges of domestic assault and interference with a 911 call were dropped.

According to court documents, Kraus’ girlfriend and mother of his two children accused Kraus of holding a pillow over her face, briefly causing her breathing to be restricted. His girlfriend told police Kraus “state he would take care of her jaw if she continued to run her mouth and threatened to throw her over the top railing of the house.” She also told police Kraus held her down on a couch and took her cell phone away so she couldn’t call 911. The responding officers also said Kraus resisted arrest.

In 2016, a charge of fleeing from police was dropped as part of a DWI guilty plea. His most recent arrest was in Anoka County in June 2020, when he was charged with giving a false name to a police officer. He was found guilty of that charge and was sentenced to 45 days in jail, with 43 days suspended and credit for two days served. Kraus initially gave police his brother’s name and later said he lied because he had a warrant for his arrest, according to court documents.

You don’t need to be a supporter of the prison industrial complex to believe some people just can’t be allowed on the street, metaphorically and especially literally. This applies especially to mentally ill white men, with the mental illness in question consisting of being white and male in America.

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