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Tales from the Trump +26 Counties


St. John’s County, Florida went Trump +34 in 2016 and Trump +26 in 2020. So you know it’s a great place. How great is it?

There had been rumors all day that the yearbook photos had been altered, said Riley O’Keefe, a ninth grader at Bartram Trail High School in St. Johns County, Fla.

When she finally got her copy, Ms. O’Keefe, 15, opened the page to her photo and laughed in disbelief.

A black bar had been added to cover more of her chest, she said. Then, Ms. O’Keefe thumbed through the rest of the yearbook. Dozens of other students — all girls — had similar edits, many of them clumsy alterations that covered more of their chests.

Many students and parents on Saturday were demanding an apology, and on Monday the district superintendent, Tim Forson, said there was “not sufficient review of the steps taken before the decision was made to edit some student pictures.”

Ms. O’Keefe said she had been confused at first, then furious. Other girls approached her and said the alterations made them feel sexualized and exposed.

They said the altered photos were the latest in a series of crackdowns by administrators who have used an outdated dress code to police the way girls dress.

“They need to recognize that it’s making girls feel ashamed of their bodies,” Ms. O’Keefe said of the altered photos.

At least 80 photos of female students were altered. No pictures of male students, including one of the swim team in which the boys wore Speedo bathing suits, were digitally altered, according to Ms. O’Keefe and parents who saw the yearbook.

This is really peak Republican values. Sex is bad and women should be made to feel about having breasts. Those sluts, why don’t they cover themselves up? Also, why don’t they put out when men want it? Better cover up the slightest sign of cleavage and also cover up whenever the boys rape them since they shouldn’t have dressed that way anyhow. And of course, let’s make sure there’s no abortion access or birth control or sex education in our schools. All of this are the core of what Baby Jesus wants for us.

In conclusion, Matt Gaetz will be making a visit to the school.

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