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Majority of Republicans believe Donald Trump is the true president of the United States right now


Here’s the question in this new Ipsos poll to which respondents answered:

“Who do you think the true President is right now? Choose one.” (The choices were Joe Biden and Donald Trump).

Among all respondents, 75% said Biden and 25% said Trump. This broke down as 3% of Democrats, 22% of independents, and 53% of Republicans averring that Donald Trump is the true POTUS right now.

Now some people are going to claim that many or most of those 53% don’t actually believe that: they’re just engaging in tribal loyalty signaling or whatever you want to call it. Ultimately I don’t think it’s all that important how many of them are actually crazy and how many of them are saying (and doing) crazy things because you have to say and do crazy things to stay in good standing in a cult.

I mean it has some importance, because it goes to the question of how many of them have to be deprogrammed versus how many can be pacified with a Costco gift card or whatever, but in any event Houston we have a problem.

Relatedly, I have no memory whatsoever of literally anyone questioning whether George W. Bush was actually president of the United States, even prior to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. I mean there was a lot of complaining that he stole the election via a corrupt political and legal process, because he did, but everyone conceded that he stole it fair and square as it were. The idea that he wasn’t actually the president would have been considered frankly delusional, and treated as such.

But today in America a majority of the people who identify as members of one of the nation’s two major political parties are saying something that’s actually quite a bit crazier — that Donald Trump, who unlike Al Gore doesn’t have any factual basis for believing the election was stolen from him, is the true president RIGHT NOW — and we just have to shrug because that’s just something a lot of Real Americans(tm) happen to believe, just like they believe their guns protect them from the Government and the Blahs, and that global warming is a liberal myth, and that if the send ten dollars to the church of the sacred bleeding heart of Jesus, located somewhere in Los Angeles, California, all their dreams will come true.

Which seems like a pretty bad situation, All Things Considered. Also, NPR and CNN are run by communists.

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