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Tucker Carlson celebrated the murderer of Harvey Milk and George Moscone


In addition to apologizing for Derek Chauvin last night, Tucker preemptively attacked a reporter who was talking to his high school classmates yesterday. We now almost certainly know why:

The frozen-food heir was born in San Francisco and grew up there and La Jolla before boarding school, in case you were wondering. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Tucker’s homophobia is well-documented, but openly celebrating the man who cold-bloodedly assassinated the most prominent GLBTQ public official in America — and got a 7 year sentence for two premeditated murders after the DAs essentially threw the trial — certainly draws a line under that. And there’s no reason to think anything about his worldview has fundamentally changed.

What a public figure “really thinks” is largely irrelevant — Tucker’s racist and homophobic demagoguery, anti-vaxx conspiracy theories, etc. etc. are equally harmful whether he believes what he’s saying or not. But as far as I can tell the best evidence is that the current iteration is much closer to the “real” Tucker Carlson than the reasonable moderate he tried to pass himself off as when MSNBC was throwing enormous sums of money at every conservative pundit to come down the pike trying to make one of them a thing. He’s a hateful, bigoted rich prick, always has been and always will be.

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