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Carlson’s army is on the way


And I would rather be anywhere else than here today:

Yeah it’s all a big joke until you elect a literal fascist.

It will be “interesting” to see how far FOX lets him run with this stuff, which is clearly toe-dipping for an aspiring demagogue looking to take advantage of some of that good ‘ol economic anxiety. (Sad note: a few years ago I would generally misspell both demagogue and supremacy on the first try. That’s not a problem any more).

Of course this won’t affect Glenn Greenwald — who was sock puppeting again on LGM last night all of two days after getting called out for doing so — from showing up yet again on 14 Words With Tucker Carlson in another New York minute or three.

On the broader issue of anti-pandemic measures, the rhetoric around vaccination has been far too voluntaristic to this point, although I can certainly understand why the Biden administration has chosen to emphasize voluntary compliance for as long as reasonably possible.

Every adult in the United States who does not have a valid, i.e., very narrowly defined, medical excuse for not doing so should be legally required to be vaccinated against COVID. If you refuse then you should be barred from using public transportation, going into any public building, or entering any private enterprise that chooses to bar you from doing so. (Obviously these measures should be put in place only after everyone has had a reasonable opportunity to get vaccinated, aka about six weeks from now).

ETA: Matt McIrvin in comments adds an important caveat:

With a draconian crackdown on any employer who doesn’t give time off to employees to get vaccinated, OR to recover from any post-vaccination symptoms that might occur. There are almost certainly people who are holding off because if the vaccine makes them sick for a couple of days they’ll get fired.

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