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Arkansas legislature overrides veto to pass hate law


Somewhere in the fiery depths of hell Orval Faubus is smiling:

Arkansas state legislators voted Tuesday to pass the nation’s first law banning gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender minors, overriding a veto from their governor and intense opposition from major medical organizations across the country.

Arkansas legislators voted 25 to 8 in the Senate and 71 to 24 in the House to override the veto from Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) and approve legislation that would prohibit doctors from providing transgender minors with medical care such as puberty blockers, hormone therapies and transition-related surgeries, and from referring them for such treatments.

The legislation is the first to pass in a wave of similar bills in 18 states so far this year, part of a growing effort by conservative lawmakers to restrict the rights of transgender young people in doctor’s offices, high school sports teams and other areas of American society.

Yet another emerging Republican orthodoxy that is absolutely reprehensible.

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