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The Troll from Arizona


I get that Joe Manchin is just a narcissistic conservative asshole having the time of his life. But what the living fuck is this shit?

Sinema is really quite remarkable. Take a former Green Party activist who probably lied about growing up impoverished (her family says she’s lying), make her the most fashion-forward senator in history and also the first bisexual senator in history and then also make her have Joe Lieberman-esque joy about screwing over the poor but then also have her trolling Mike Pence one year and every liberal in the nation the next.

And let’s be clear, this isn’t because she’s from Arizona. Mark Kelly went along. Raising the minimum wage is a politically popular position. She did this because she loves being a troll.

Of course, she’s claiming that criticism of this grotesque display is sexist.

The last couple of weeks have been an object lesson to everyone of the horrors of the American government system. Electing Democrats only goes so far. When you have 8 Democratic senators opposing the minimum wage hike (though I’d guess at least a few of them cast their vote that way knowing it was meaningless since it was going down anyway), what it means is that we have lots and lots and lots of work to do. Simply put, lots of otherwise liberal Americans think that economic issues are not the same type of moral issue as supporting gay rights or abortion access. Until that happens, these are going to remain problems. Yes, part of the answer is to elect more Democrats, but you are only ever going to elect so many Democrats. Pressuring them requires not only electing them but then protesting them.

In any case, welcome to the next two years. This is as good as it gets in America.

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