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Sometimes in Life, You Get What You Ask For

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – NOVEMBER 13: Interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Anez talks during a conference at the presidential palace on November 13, 2019 in La Paz, Bolivia. Bolivia faces a political and social turmoil after Evo Morales, first ever indigenous president of the country, resigned after 13 years and ten months. Yesterday, Senate’s second vice president and opposition politician Jeanine Anez declared herself interim president. Morales alleged a coup after sectors of military and police forces withdrew their support. His re-election victory on October 20 had triggered weeks of fraud allegations and deadly protests. OAS audit said results cannot be verified to clear manipulations and should be annulled. (Photo by Javier Mamani/Getty Images)

So sad that the unpopular Bolivian coup leaders are getting arrested after getting their fascist asses handed to them in the elections.

Bolivia’s former interim president, Jeanine Añez, said Friday that she and several allies face arrest following the issuance of a warrant accusing her of terrorism and sedition in connection with the 2019 ouster of her predecessor, former president Evo Morales.

“The political persecution has begun,” Ms. Añez wrote on Twitter, alongside an image of the warrant. The authorities placed her under arrest Saturday morning in her hometown, Trinidad, and transported her to the capital, La Paz.

Bolivia has been mired in political turmoil since late 2019, when Mr. Morales, a divisive and transformative socialist leader who was the country’s first Indigenous president, sought a fourth term in office.

The presidential campaign ended in a contested vote count, deadly protests and calls by the military for Mr. Morales to leave. He fled the country, and many called it a coup. Others accused his government of trying to rig the vote, to show him winning by a wide enough margin to avoid a runoff.

“Political persecution” lol.

You don’t have to defend the later years of Evo Morales to want Añez and the rest of the coup leaders seriously punished for their crimes. You love to see it.

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