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Seditioning for fun and profit, but especially profit


Populist (extreme sic) senator Josh Hawley is raising money off his election left and riot incitement efforts:

On Tuesday morning—shortly before he appeared at a congressional hearing and thanked Capitol Police officers for facing the “violent criminals” of January 6—Hawley sent out a fundraising email that featured a lovely photo of him, his wife, and their three young children. He told the recipients that “Biden and his woke mob are coming after me” because he dared to raise an objection to the electoral count. This is how Hawley described his own actions: “I objected to the certification of the electoral college votes in Pennsylvania, despite pressure from both Democrats and Republicans. Pennsylvania wasn’t following their own state’s election law, but the establishment didn’t want to hear it.” And Hawley, though a lawmaker from Missouri, did this because “the political class” was reluctant “to give their own voters a hearing.” That is, Hawley was merely representing those voters who had a procedural concern about how Pennsylvania had conducted its election. And in the email he took exception to a comment Joe Biden made in early January noting that Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who also led the effort to challenge the election, were “part of the Big Lie.”

Hawley’s characterization of his actions that helped set the stage for the January 6 attack was inaccurate.

When Hawley in late December became the first senator to declare he would try to thwart the certification of the electoral votes, he referred to “allegations of voter fraud”—slyly providing support to Trump’s main contention that the election was a huge hoax. He also proclaimed there had been a conspiracy in which “mega corporations, including Facebook and Twitter” had interfered “in this election, in support of Joe Biden.” And Hawley did cite a concern about the Keystone State: “I cannot vote to certify the electoral college results on January 6 without raising the fact that some states, particularly Pennsylvania, failed to follow their own state election laws.”

Fraud, a devious cabal, the flagrant violation of law—Hawley was hitting all the Trump buttons. He didn’t go as far as Trump, who was shouting that the fraud was massive and that he had really won by millions of votes. But Hawley was humming along to Trump’s tune. He was encouraging Trump’s con—which would lead to death and destruction at the Capitol. He also went on Fox and refused to say that Trump had lost the election.

In addition to the money, by attacking American democracy he’s also guaranteed himself unlimited appearances on America’s hopelessly-addicted-to-Both-Sides-Do-It talk shows, so win-win! Unless you support American democracy, that s.

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