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Please come back so we can kick you around some more


It looks like Joe Biden won’t get his first choice for OMB director, based on the important principle of “Joe Manchin needs to do something to demonstrate his independence from noted Trotskyist Joe Biden, and this is something.” This has led to an amusing spectacle of people who slavishly support Donald Trump valiantly pretending to give a shit about mildly snarky tweets. And, of course, it allows Politico Playbook to turn this trivial episode into a “THE BIDEN PRESIDENCY IS FAILING!!!!!!!”Beltway fever dream:

“The Cult of Klain?” And that’s not even the best part:

Another hypothesis floating around Democratic circles: It was Clinton-world who pushed Tanden, the former head of the Center for American Progress who is close to JOHN PODESTA. She was an offering to the Clintons, who were grasping for power and wanted someone more loyal to them than Biden.

The Biden White House played along, knowing that she’d never win enough votes, given how she rattled both the left and the right. THAT’s why she was nominated when Democrats hadn’t even won the Senate.

This assertion that Tanden’s nomination was about the perfidious Hillary Clinton seeking to usurp the Biden presidency literally uses the word “grasping.” I’m going to be reading these for as long as they’re alive, aren’t I.

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