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Did Ted’s Excellent Cancun Adventure make him vulnerable to a primary challenge?



Ted Cruz, Feb. 18: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said his family vacation to Mexico was “obviously a mistake” as he returned stateside Thursday following an uproar over his disappearance during a deadly winter storm.

Ted Cruz, Feb. 27: “I’ve got to say, Orlando is awesome!” Cruz told delegates before his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference. “It”s not as nice as Cancun,” he added as the CPAC delegates laughed. “But it’s nice.”


Ted’s antics will have lower-ranking right wing grifters throwing elbows for his seat. If we’re lucky the fights will be televised and the combatants heavily armed.

Cruz already had a number characteristics that make him vulnerable to an attack from the right, and they can be summed up by the fact that he’s Ted Cruz. His behavior over a two week period provided a nice summary of his Ted Cruziness.

Yes, he’s an asshole, which is a basic requirement for getting anywhere in the GOP. But there are different flavors of asshole and while a sniveling rat-faced git like Cruz is acceptable faute de mieux, a ghastly horrible vicious lying git is the crowd favorite. Cruz is also – how shall I put this? Cruz is insufficiently white for the GOP.

He’d last five seconds against some Brad McPinkdick who faked outrage about the way he abandoned Texans, called Cruz a foreigner and referred to him by his legal name. The press would respond with near-fatal orgasms.

And Cruz would respond by campaigning on behalf of Brad McPinkdick.

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