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The Persian Menace


President Trump and his supporters spent weeks fomenting a mob to appear in Washington to disrupt the counting of electoral votes. On the designated day, that mob entered the Capitol. Susan Collins thought she knew who was responsible:

My first thought was that the Iranians had followed through on their threat to strike the Capitol, but a police officer took over the podium and explained that violent demonstrators had breached the entire perimeter of the Capitol and were inside. Several of us pointed out that the doors to the press gallery were unlocked right above us. That tells you how overwhelmed and unprepared the Capitol Police were, although many, many of them were very courageous.

I know if takes a staggering amount of denial and compartmentalization to be a “moderate” Republican in 2021 but Jesus. The fact that this ninny was the one senator to decisively buck national polarization in 2020 is a permanent stain on the Maine electorate.

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