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If you haven’t spotted the sucker after four years of this…



Glad they’re conceding the “his supporters” part. About time!

The context is even funnier:

Sure, Democrats said they were impeaching him for minor trivialities like “fomenting a lynch mob to delegitimize the transfer of power,” and sure there was no movement whatsoever to impeach Trump again before he did that, but really it was all about Julian Assange’s hypothetical pardon. (And who could have seen “I ratfucked an election for Donald Trump and all I got was this lousy federal indictment” coming except anyone who knows anything about Donald Trump.)

Anyway, it’s pretty clear that if Donald “Julian Assange should be executed” Trump didn’t pardon Assange, it can’t be that he’s a corrupt, authoritarian narcissist; it must be that Liz Cheney casting a superfluous vote for impeachment prevented him from acting on his natural pro-whistleblower impulses. The possibility that we’ve been obviously wrong about Trump for 5 years cannot be considered despite the unambiguous evidence. Sad.


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