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Does it count as a prediction if the outcome was extremely predictable?

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No. King Charlemange is going out the only way he could even if he had won a second term: Peevish and focused on anything but being a president (WaPo, if you’re counting free reads).

Trump has been more concerned with other actions that could have serious consequences for his post-presidential life, according to people familiar with the president’s concerns. The developments include Twitter and other social media companies suspending his accounts, the PGA of America canceling a golf tournament at one of his properties, and Deutsche Bank announcing it would no longer finance his developments.

Fun fact: The CDC confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in the U.S. on Jan. 20, 2020. Since then 23 million people in this county have contracted the disease. It has killed more than 380,000 people since the first deaths last March. It killed 4,327 people in this country yesterday. There are more than 130,300 people hospitalized because of it today.

Another fun fact: The sleazy painted sack of whine who is mourning the loss of his fucking Twitter account is directly responsible for the breadth and scope of this disaster.

Fuck him. And throw these people on the fuck pile too.

A former senior administration official in touch with the White House said in describing the staff mind-set: “People are just over it. The 20th couldn’t come soon enough. Sometimes there’s a bunker mentality or us-versus-them or righteous indignation that the Democrats or the media are being unfair, but there’s none of that right now. People are just exhausted and disappointed and angry and ready for all this to be done.”

I bet they were partying at Coupapalooza last Wednesday, but now they’re bored and cranky because the autocoup didn’t work but they have to stick around to collect that last pay check and try to delete the more obviously incriminating emails and make off with any valuables that aren’t nailed down. C’est si triste. If Satre’s version of hell is real, I hope they all wind up in it. Only with more letter openers. Rusty ones.

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