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Today is the day Donald Trump became president


The relief passage Congress passed remains unsigned. Countless people will be evicted and/or lose unemployment benefits if Trump doesn’t sign the bill today. What is Pay Check Don doing about it? Tweeting about how other states should emulate Rick DeSantis’s insane COVID non-response policies:

Issuing what should be a reminder to the gullible rubes who think he’s doing a populism that he and Josh Hawley are trying to make this about CHECKS for exactly the same reason Charles Murray nominally favors a UBI:

The usual threats and projection-is-a-hell-of-a-drug conspiracy theories:

He seems oddly unconcerned about the disastrous consequences of his failing to sign the relief bill, almost as if you’d have to be the biggest rube in the world to think his symbolic call for CHECKS reflected an actual desire to get aid to people.

And if you’ll forgive the Murc’s Law violation, we shouldn’t neglect the responsibility of Senate Republicans, who endlessly dicked around before taking a deal they could have had at any time for months, hence giving Trump much more leverage (and making the consequences of Trump impulsively rejecting the deal more severe) than would have been the case had the law passed even a week earlier. This especially hangs on Pat Toomey and his insistence on trying to prevent the Fed from stabilizing the economy. Great work!

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