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Throw the bums out

From the Hotel Harrington’s Facebook page

Behold, the power of the free market.

The Hotel Harrington is old and located in the heart of Tourist D.C. but the room rates are at the lower end of reasonable. The combination of affordability and safety are doubtless the reason the proud boys made it their “unofficial headquarters” when they come to town.

Plus “unofficial headquarters” sounds better than “We can’t afford anything else that wouldn’t put us in close, extended, police-free contact with lots of people who scare us and might kick our asses.”

I also imagine that jackasses who come to town to get their fash on aren’t considerate, non-destructive hotel guests, so I assume that HH’s decision was driven in part by not wanting destructive testosterone-poisoned assholes who see the employees as targets on the premises, again. Whatever the reason, the result is good: Fascist creeps must find somewhere else in the that is affordable and feels safe to fascist creeps. I just hope the hotel is providing support to whoever has to answer the phones.

I don’t expect the person who invited them here for “really wild protests” that will get some more people beat up, but won’t advance his attempts to stay in the White House one millimeter to offer them accommodations at a similar rate in his hotel: The cost of a night at the HH wouldn’t cover a round of cocktails at TI. If it happens it will be a sign of a deeper desperation than anyone had imagined. And then we can watch as the invitation becomes a round of whiny bargaining over how much they’ll pay and if we’re really lucky, some public shrieking over surcharges and maxed out credit cards.

Fingers crossed!

Update via commentarion Keta.


Oh. Woe. D.C. hotel owners will be devastated if some dillhole scams some other dillholes for money that will allegedly go to tents that can’t legally be pitched anywhere in the city except someone’s backyard.

People who have actually ever camped will enjoy spotting all the other flaws in this cunning plan, including next week’s weather forecast.

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