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Rudy Giuliani’s star witness


Rudy Giuliani is — and I cannot emphasize this enough — the president’s lead lawyer in an ongoing attempt to nullify the 2020 presidential election via the courts.

This is not an SNL sketch.

This is not a snarky blog post.

This is not a joke. (I mean it is but the joke’s on liberal democracy).

Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy) watched this and was deeply impressed:

One month to the day after the election ended, no Republican official will stand up against this, which means that they are “objectively,” as the Marxists used to say and still do for all I know, supporting this effort, very much including the kind of testimony memorialized above.

Like your racist’s uncle’s deranged drunken rant at Thanksgiving dinner (Why is it always an uncle? Too painful for it to be Mom or Dad?), the halfway sane people in this country are pretty much staring at their shoes and trying to pretend this isn’t happening.

I mean we had an election, it’s over now, and all this is just a silly little side show. Right?

ETA: A friend actually knows her, or of her, and tells me she’s from . . . wait for it . . . Downriver. (Michigan joke or “joke.”)

. . . Intrepid LGMers really like mangoes:

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