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LGM Film Club, Part 101: The Corn Farmer


I’ve always gotten a certain amusement about the banality of corn. I am not the only person who feels this way. If you watch Conan O’Brien written episodes of The Simpsons, back 8 decades ago when the show was good, there are a number of hilarious corn-based jokes. So I felt it was time for some corn in the Film Club.

Although the sound is bad and you have to turn it way up, this is actually someone interesting, despite my low expectations. Largely that’s because it actually is a useful comparison to farming today. Here, the corn farmer is relatively independent. He’s raising both livestock and corn. The cows and hogs may be fed corn, but they aren’t in feedlots or factory farms. They seem to live reasonably healthy lives. That….is not the case today in the world’s incredibly corporate and centralized agricultural world, where what independent farmers still exist are basically at the behest of Monsanto and Tyson and a few other companies, depending on what they produce.

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