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Jill Stein had to walk so Donald Trump could fly


As always, it’s hard to know to what extent Trump is merely conning his followers and to what extent he’s high on his own supply. But the key is that on one level it doesn’t matter because the external con is going to allow him to clear a huge profit on the deal:

The campaign continues to rake in money. At least $66 million of the more than $200 million raised since Election Day is going to Trump’s Save America PAC, to be used for post-presidential political activities, according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter. Less than half a million has gone to the campaign’s recount fund, the person said, while other small amounts have gone to legal committees. The New York Times first reported the PAC had more than $60 million.

A coalition of rubes and their exploiters — which the roles not always fixed — turns out to be a very valuable thing.

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