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Trump advisors: stealing the election is our only chance


Seems like the fact that they’re openly saying it should be a five-alarm story:

Mr. Trump sprinkles his rally speeches with unfounded attacks on the election process. Last week, he claimed with no real evidence that “everyday, there’s cheating with the ballots.” It’s part of his consistent questioning of the integrity of the election. Trump advisers said their best hope was if the president wins Ohio and Florida is too close to call early in the night, depriving Mr. Biden a swift victory and giving Mr. Trump the room to undermine the validity of uncounted mail-in ballots in the days after.

Remember when Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee Bart O’Kavanaugh said that voters had to be disenfranchised because Wisconsin had a compelling interest in the results being announced on election night, although he knew perfectly well that Wisconsin Republicans were purposely delaying the vote count to try to claim victory on Election Night and then throw out a bunch of ballots? One would hope the fact that they’re just tweeting out the plan will help our media cover this properly but who knows.

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