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There’s something happening here


And what it is is extremely clear.

I have a pet theory, which is that approximately 87.53% of right wing politics in this country is driven by the working out of various baroque forms of sexual frustration and repression.

Key groups include:

Incel and Incel-adjacent Complainers

These are people, and by people I mean men, whose discussion of any social issue soon becomes a not very cryptic reboot of Monty Python’s Nudge Nudge Wink Wink sketch. Ben Shapiro is their hero and avatar.

Deeply Repressed Gay Men

I realize this is a very old cliche, but the sheer number of straight-up closet cases, guys who are confused about why all these homosexuals keep etc., extra super macho men who get extremely upset when they learn what’s been happening to the soil outside Des Moines, Iowa, and so forth, is genuinely impressive. Let’s just say the real Benedictine option would be to have a little Benedictine and just calm down a bit about how the Gay is destroying their otherwise totally healthy marriages.

Gender Role and Identity Freak Out Parade

It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world, and this is our latest and most up to date version of the eternal, ubiquitous, and perverse right wing ball of sex-gender confusion. Key phrase: Drag Queen Children’s Story Hour. Remember when long hair on young men basically heralded the impeding end of Western Civilization? Come to think of it you now probably have to be at least 55 to remember this. Well believe me it was a culture-wide freak out. Today you can get the same effect just by using the word “transgendered.”

On the other hand, just in case you think progress doesn’t happen, this was the #12 song on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 1974:

. . . How could I have left out the whole “cuck” thing? (H/T to various commenters for immediately reminding me. Did Roger Stone really try to pay a Black man to have sex with Stone’s wife while he watched?)

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