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LGM Podcast: Women of Color in the Suffrage Movement


For my latest podcast with authors of recent books, I had the great pleasure of talking to Cathleen Cahill, associate professor of history at Penn State, about her fantastic new book Recasting the Vote: How Women of Color Transformed the Suffrage Movement. This book does a great job of not only highlighting women of color who were also suffragists, but also knocking readers off the black-white binary of race, as she focuses on three Native suffragists, one Chinese-American suffragist, one New Mexican Hispana suffragist, and one Black suffragist. What citizenship means was different for each group and so the 1920 ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment could be the pinnacle of citizenship for some groups while providing absolutely nothing to other groups. It’s a great book, it’s super readable, and you all need to buy it at the link above. Also would make a good Christmas/holiday present for the suffragist in your life.

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