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I admire its purity


Here’s Sidney Powell’s new lawsuit.


It’s actually unclear whether this thing has actually been filed with the court as it lacks the normal documentation, which adds yet another layer of potential griftiness to an operation which I would have assumed ever so naively had already achieved or at least approached Peak Grift.

The document is a typo-strewn rant, indistinguishable from a particularly unhinged Breitbart comment thread, but the detail that appeals to me most here is that on her website Powell is asking her followers to send personal checks to her directly, to support the litigation! She can get the wingnuttery for you wholesale, apparently. This is in terms of Legal Ethics 101 a massive no-no. Commingling client funds with your personal finances is one of the very few things that can actually get a lawyer disbarred, even when it’s a product of sloppiness as opposed to, as here, open and public theft.

This leads me to revisit the typology I offered a couple of days ago, dividing Trump cult members into marks, cynics, and doublethinkers. Powell I think is a spectacular example of how it’s very difficult to remain in the middle category without drifting far into the other two, as a kind of adaptive mechanism. Maybe she started out with no intention other than to steal money from people who deserve to be ripped off because of their sheer stupidity, but I bet by now she at least halfway believes this crap.

Otherwise why would a former Assistant US Attorney file something that looks and reads like a pro se pleading from a particularly degenerate coke fiend after a pharmaceutically enhanced all-nighter?

And it’s also a good bet that people are going to send her millions of dollars today, as their way of giving thanks to the defenders of Freedom. What a country.

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