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The most worthless Democratic senator


DiFi wins this dubious competition by Secretariat at the Belmont margins:

I wonder what Jamie Harrison thinks about this!

Check it out: When Joe Biden chaired the Bork hearings in 1987, he was almost exactly half Feinstein’s present age ( he was 44 then; she’s now 87). Apparently Biden was at the time the most senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee who wanted to chair it, as Robert Byrd was the majority leader, and Ted Kennedy was choosing to chair Health instead (Thanks to commenter Hogan for explaining to me how such a young whippersnapper could end up in an important seniority-driven Senate position).

One big potential benefit of getting rid of the seniority system for appointing committee chairs is that it would provide a little more incentive for dinosaurs like Feinstein to drive off into the sunset, with their right turn blinkers perpetually on of course.

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