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Of monsters and men


This is a clip of Joe Biden meeting with families of the Parkland School shooting victims. The boy who runs out to Biden is the son of a man who was murdered.

I’ve never thought Joe Biden was either an extraordinary politician or some sort of heroic figure. But just try to imagine Donald Trump in this situation, and then imagine his reaction. And then by comparison Biden does seem extraordinary, because the contrast between a normal, decent human being and a narcissistic sociopath is always going to be shocking. ETA: It’s fair to say that Biden is better at expressing empathy than many people, because he’s not awkward when responding to the needs of others for emotional comfort and support. But Trump isn’t “awkward:” he’s a soulless monster.

Hesitating to vote for Biden is like hesitating to buy a car because it doesn’t have a moon roof, when the alternative is a car that will explode when you start the engine.

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