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Another career U.S. Attorney offers hearty “fuck you” to Bill Barr


This is definitely not going to be the last federal prosecutor who goes public to try to prevent Trump’s consigliere from quickly returning to mainstream respectability if the ship goes down on November 3:

A 36-year veteran of the Justice Department this week accused Attorney General William P. Barr of abusing his power to sway the election for President Trump and said he was quitting, making him the third sitting prosecutor to issue a rare public rebuke of the attorney general.

“Barr’s resentment toward rule-of-law prosecutors became increasingly difficult to ignore, as did his slavish obedience to Donald Trump’s will,” Phillip Halpern, a federal prosecutor in San Diego, said in a letter published Wednesday in The San Diego Union-Tribune. “This career bureaucrat seems determined to turn our democracy into an autocracy.”

Mr. Halpern said he chose to retire as well, calling Mr. Barr “a well-trained bureaucrat” without prosecutorial experience and alleging that he scorned honest apolitical prosecutors and selectively meddled in the criminal justice system to help Mr. Trump’s allies.

He said he would have quit earlier but stayed on because he worried that the department under Mr. Barr would have interfered in his prosecution of former Representative Duncan D. Hunter, Republican of California, who pleaded guilty in December to conspiracy to steal campaign funds.

The fact that Halpern thought Barr would tank the prosecution of Hunter if he resigned shows just how corrupt and partisan Barr is. We’re not talking about Trump’s inner circle here; Hunter was an eminently replaceable nonentity legacy backbencher representing an R +11 district, caught absolutely dead to rights. This would have been just “because we can” ratfucking that in some ways would be even more disturbing than his interference in the Michael Flynn case. Dems are going to need to do some deep investigations into how deep the rot went if Biden wins.

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