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Words of deep wisdom from the last Senate Majority Leader who could actually legislate:

The advisory board features a raft of well-connected Democratic veterans with access to senators, like former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid’s deputy chiefs of staff Bill Dauster and Adam Jentleson, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign manager Faiz Shakir, former Obama White House aide Dana Singiser and ex-CWA president and anti-filibuster crusader Larry Cohen.

“Our goal is to lift the filibuster higher on progressives’ agendas in advance of November and help them make it clear to a future President Biden and Senate leadership that they expect and demand speedy Senate rules reform in 2021 and will not accept more gridlock, delays and excuses,” Zupnick said. “We are going to be very focused on the need for speedy action.”

Zupnick said Fix Our Senate has hired “a war room” of research, communications and digital operatives with the mission of weakening support for the filibuster.

In an interview, Reid predicted that Democrats will sweep the presidency, Senate and House, and urged them to kick off the new era by scrapping the 60-vote rule.

“If President Biden wants to get things done, he can’t play around with the filibuster,” Reid told NBC News, arguing that Americans will no longer accept a supermajority Senate threshold for action. “So I think that should be the first item of business with a Senate majority which is Democratic — to get rid of the filibuster.”

The relative breadth of the factions of the party represented here is a good sign. It’s really not in the interest of any faction of the party to maintain the filibuster, and it needs to be killed quickly by the next Dem trifecta.

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