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The Green Party: Using Republican money to undermine democracy and get Republicans elected


In the least surprising development ever, the Greens are using Republican lawyers to execute their pro-Trump ratfuck in Wisconsin:

Hawkins suggested in an interview that Trump supporters had helped the Green Party ticket with its legal claim before the state Supreme Court. The party’s petition was filed by attorneys from the Milwaukee-based von Briesen & Roper law firm, which has a history of representing Wisconsin Republicans.

“You get help where you can find it,” Hawkins told The Washington Post when asked whether Republicans had financed the legal action. “They have their reasons and we have ours.”

And the reasons are the same!

We should be absolutely clear what’s happening here, because it reveals the nature of the Green Party beyond any possible doubt. This is not about access to the ballot. Requirements to get on the ballot in Wisconsin are not onerous. The Greens screwed up basic paperwork, and still could have at just submitted a simple affidavit to get on the ballot:

Questions about the Green Party ballot petition began in August, when a state voter complained that there was a discrepancy in Walker’s address on the party’s signature pages. The campaign said that Walker had moved during the signature-gathering phase.

But campaign officials failed to respond to a request from the state elections commission to fix their signature sheets, which they could have done by submitting an affidavit explaining the address discrepancy.

In a report to the Wisconsin Elections Commission ahead of its Aug. 20 meeting, the commission’s staff argued that the affidavit would have “easily cleared up confusion” — but absent that, the commission is left with “legitimate arguments” against the petition’s validity.

Weeks later, the Green Party ticket asked the Supreme Court to intervene.

But rather than do that, they sued, and moreover they waited to sue until ballots had already been printed and it would be incredibly hard to re-start the process (especially in large urban precincts.) And they sued knowing that a hyper-partisan Republican court would seize on any opportunity to destroy the vote-by-mail process, deliberately choosing timing that would maximize their ability to disrupt the election.

And their “reasons” for doing this are straightforward. Mere access to the ballot is almost certainly not enough to ratfuck the election. The fundamental lie that animates the American Green Party — “Republicans winning elections is no big deal” — persuades virtually nobody when a Republican is actually president and blowing up the world, so they can only attract a handful of dead-enders who were never gettable Dem voters anyway. But by filing a last minute lawsuit with a Republican court in the third-most likely tipping point state, they can prevent Democratic voters from having their voices heard, and potentially fulfill the only goal the party has (other than pure personal grift, that is) — getting Republicans elected.

The Green Party is a pro-fascist ratfucking operation, nothing more, and they’re now willing to facilitate the dirtiest Republican vote suppression efforts to help Trump win. There isn’t the slightest moral difference between supporting Howie Hawkins and Donald Trump; the former just involves an extra layer of bad faith.

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