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This is excellent news for John McCain!


Rarely have the Democrats been in such a state of disarray:

Joe Biden has emerged from a contested Democratic primary with surprising party unity and without any serious threat on his left flank, according to New York Times/Siena College polls of the six battleground states likeliest to decide the presidency.

Over all, voters in the battleground states who said Bernie Sanders was their top choice for president said they backed Mr. Biden over President Trump, 87 percent to 4 percent. If there was a Bernie-or-Bust movement, it has either faded with the conclusion of the Democratic race, or it never existed in serious numbers in the battleground states.

Mr. Biden commands even more significant support from voters who supported Elizabeth Warren in the primary. The Democrats who said she was their top choice to be the Democratic nominee backed Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump by a staggering margin of 96 percent to 0 percent — even wider than Mr. Biden’s 96-1 lead among those who said he was their top choice in the Democratic primary.

No Warren supporter in the survey — which was conducted in June — allowed for the possibility that there was even “some chance” they would vote for Mr. Trump.

The are a variety of factors in play here, starting with Biden and Sanders having a much better relationship than Clinton and Sanders. But ultimately the biggest factor is the same reason Nader went from 2.74% of the vote in 2000 to .38% of the vote in 2004 — it’s one thing to say that a Republican president won’t really be that bad or will really SHAKE THINGS UP or whatever when it’s an abstract question, but when one is actually in the White House and doing all kinds of horrible shit for four years it’s a whole different story. And Trump is going to be running in drastically less favorable conditions than Bush was. The same factors that will make it much harder to EMAILS! Biden are likely to mean that the party will be much more unified than it was in 2016.

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