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My Perfect Sex Life, by Alan Dershowitz, Esq.


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Among the newly unsealed papers were graphic descriptions of Maxwell’s body by Giuffre. The Epstein accuser also detailed how she allegedly fell into Epstein’s scheme at the age of 15 after meeting Maxwell at President Trump’s resort Mar-A-Lago.

In May 2016 Giuffre said under oath that Maxwell directed her to have sex with billionaire financier Glenn Dubin, Prince Andrew, French model scout Jean Luc Brunel, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, “another prince,” the owner of a large hotel chain and MIT scientist Marvin Minsky.

Scott in comments:

Your reminder that Alex Acosta 1)negotiated that ridiculous sweetheart immunity-for-everyone plea deal, 2)illegally lied about it, and 3)may not be one of the 5 worst people to serve in Donald Trump’s cabinet.

Some day a real rain will come.

. . . Let’s recall that Bill Barr’s father hired Epstein to teach at the Dalton School, even though Epstein was a college dropout with no teaching experience. (Sounds like something QAnon would make up doesn’t it?)

. . . And that Donald Trump wished Maxwell well in a press conference last week.

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