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(1) I’m no expert, but is that a Nazi eagle crest? It’s available for purchase from the Trump campaign website.

(2) A commenter in the Alito/Thomas thread raised a possibility that had literally never occurred to me: That Alito and/or Thomas would wait until the election, and then retire if Trump lost and/or the GOP lost the Senate. (There are exactly 60 days between the election and the start of the new Congress).

How would McConnell play that? OTOH he would have already either have been re-elected or lost to McCrath. In the latter case, I can easily see him going all Hitler in the bunker. In the former — well . . . I honestly don’t know. He (and other GOP senators) would have to take into account the possibility that this big of an FU would enrage enough Democrats, including friendly bipartisan Joe Biden, enough to lead to some Court packing just a few weeks later.

On the other hand, the Republican party has gone completely crazy already, and the crazy will be flipping into overdrive if the November election is a debacle.

I do think this is a situation in which the Democrats should make it extremely clear ahead of time that anything like this will absolutely trigger massive retaliation. Of course there’s that whole game theory problem about what happens when you play chicken with a crazy person.

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