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What happens to the GOP after Trump?


[Preparatory to anything else, I just saw Inglorious Basterds for the first time, and am still trying to sort out what I think about it, so feel free to help with this task in the thread if you’re so inclined.]

Anyway . . . for a year now David Frum, who despite his numerous and very real sins during the Bush II years has been a relentless Never Trumper, has had this pinned to the top of his Twitter feed:

Obviously Frum doesn’t intend for that to be taken literally. But let’s take the claim seriously: if Trump is defeated four months from now, and especially if he’s routed (check out this new poll from Arizona, which shows Trump down in the state by seven points to Biden, and McSally trailing Mark Kelly by nine [!] in the Senate race there), the claim is that Trump will be repudiated by most GOP politicians, thoght leaders, and voters.* That of course could happen — I forget which American figure went over to Germany in the 1950s and quipped that there were apparently only ever about five people in the Nazi party, so they must have been quite busy — but the precisely opposite reaction is also possible.

In the latter scenario, the GOP becomes an even more fanatical ethno-nationalist cult, and clings even more tightly to Trumpism, even if in the near future it becomes necessary to find a new cult leader, which it will be if a few tens of thousands of Royales with Cheese and buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken have any epidemiological say in the matter.

I suspect the most likely outcome may be a very confused situation, in which sectors of the party are trying actively to dump Trumpism and re-embrace the brief post-2012 come on guys we’ve got to at least get us some Hispanic votes strategy, while others are veering even further into overt authoritarianism and white supremacy.

Speaking of that, here are some truly delightful demographic facts:

Total number of Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans in the USA in June of 1946, when a jackal in Queens gave birth to a vaguely humanoid entity:

2.8 million (2% of total population)

Total number of Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans as of election day, 2020 (estimated).

82 million (25% of total population.)

No wonder they’re in such a panic. (Trump keeps tweeting this over and over again, as if doing so can somehow make it 1968 all over again):

It’s like Aldo Raine on your wedding day.

*Standard disclaimer: This is no time for complacency, they’ll do everything they can to steal the election, please donate to and work for Biden and your local Democratic candidates. etc.

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