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Today in Republican Governance


I’d like to say that watching Republicans realize that the virus doesn’t care about your politics has brought a grim satisfaction. But it hasn’t. It’s just depressing. Like with climate change, I’d love to be wrong. But we aren’t wrong. And now there is this:

Wow. That’s……not good.

But you know what? This is what happens when you elect Ron DeSantis as your governor. Florida residents may not have asked specifically to be used as a giant experiment in herd immunity, but that’s what they got when they elected a racist extremist as their governor.

This is Republican governance in a nutshell. The simple lack of caring about any other person but yourself may sound good to voters, but it also means that the people you elect don’t care about you. I’d like to think that one effect of COVID-19 and the horrors of this year would be to bury the modern Republican Party like so many old people choking to death. But it won’t because there is still black people doing this and that and of course the critical principle of life beginning at conception and ending at birth.

….Meanwhile Rhode Island is rocking a 1.1% positive test rate yesterday and has dropped to less than 100 people in the hospital for the first time since March.

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