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The Republican Party Must Be Crushed Into Dust, Part the Zillion


In the big scheme of everything that is going wrong, Trump rescinding the order to not shoot wolf puppies and bear cubs in their dens in Alaska may not be the most newsworthy item, but it’s both utterly disgusting and something that any Republican administration would do.

Baiting grizzly bears with doughnuts soaked in bacon grease. Using spotlights to blind and shoot hibernating black bear mothers and their cubs in their dens. Gunning down swimming caribou from motorboats.

Hunting methods that for years were decried by wildlife protectors and finally banned as barbaric by the Obama administration will be legal again on millions of acres of Alaskan wilderness in time for the warm July weather.

The National Park Service policy published the new rules in the Federal Register on Tuesday, reversing Obama administration rules and giving trophy hunters, outfitters and Alaskans 30 days to prepare to return to national preserves in Alaska with the revived practices. Among the reinstated tactics: killing wolves and coyotes, including pups, during the season when mothers wean their young, and using dogs to hunt bears.

Expanding hunting rights on federal lands has been a priority under the Trump administration, and an issue championed by the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., an avid hunter. In February the Safari Club International, which promotes big-game hunting, auctioned a weeklong “dream hunt” through Alaska with the president’s son as part of its annual convention.

I hate these people so very, very much.

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