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Romney Revisionism


This is getting very irritating:

“I cannot believe how uncivil the Democrat Party was to Mitt Romney!” — the author of Liberal Fascism

I am someone who believes in taking “yes” for an answer, and I’m not someone who thinks Romney deserves no credit for voting to remove Trump or endorsing BLM. But this revisionism about 2012 is just bullshit. The idea that the 2012 Democratic campaign was unusually negative or uncivil is silly. More importantly, Mitt Romney did more than any other Republican elite to mainstream Donald Trump — not only by actively seeking his endorsement, but by running to the far right on immigration to capture the Republican nomination. That he doesn’t like the monster he created is better than fully embracing it the way virtually every other Republican has, but the idea that Trump is the fault of Democratic mistreatment of Romney in 2020 is silly.

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