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LGM Film Club, Part 27: The Garbage Plate


I’ve been on my first grave-gathering trip in the COVID era the last couple of days. And let me tell you, it feels good to be away from home. I’ve been in Pennsylvania (is there a law that once you cross over the border of PA that you must be greeted with a Confederate flag in your face every 10 minutes?) and New York. While driving around the latter today, providing your finest in internet services and stopping at a good and very socially distanced farm brewery that reminded me of how lovely this state is in the summer, I thought of the garbage plate, Rochester’s finest cuisine. I wasn’t in Rochester on this trip. But I have had this before, at Nick Tahou’s. And it’s….something.

I mean, the garbage plate is not bad food. They do as good a job with this as one really can. It’s just way over the top, very much including the name, which does it no favors and yet is also extremely appropriate. I will say that for all the talk about how great the customers are, “friendly” is not the word I would use for my visit there, where I dealt with the good Mr. Tahou at the counter. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable. Once at least.

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