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A stale smell raising through a sickening summer haze


The Republican conference is asked to respond to the orange-skinned fascist’s clunky sashay of shame last night, with all-too-predictable results:

Profiles in courage, every one! Maybe half-credit to Murkowski, but what a bunch of chickenshits otherwise.

But, finally, we get someone willing to own their fascism:

I am appalled that the protestors would engage in the un-American practice of “peaceful assembly,” violating the president’s Article XII authority to “violently remove assemblers so he could hold a bible like it was a soiled diaper in front of a church he has never set foot in in his life.” Good for Ted for recognizing this.

But surely populist firebrand Josh Hawley will stand up for civil liberty!

“Let’s not bicker over who tear-gassed and fired rubber bullets at who, let’s focus on ensuring that cops like the ones who murdered George Lloyd can’t be sued for violating people’s rights.”

This is Donald Trump’s party, fully bought with all the receipts, and he could shoot a peaceful protestor in front of the Lincoln Memorial and retain their full support.

And in things that are overdetermined, it was Barr himself who ordered the code red:

Wow, it sure is amazing that the Iran Contra fixer guy who got the job of Attorney General by sending an unsolicited 19 page mash note to Donald Trump turned out to be a lawless authoritarian goon. I’m almost ready to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt!

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