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The results from the experiment that Wisconsin and Supreme Court Republicans performed on the state’s voters are in!

Let’s review this compounding anti-democratic feedback loop:

  • in 2018, Democrats won 53% of the statewide vote but received only 36% of the seats because of the state’s grossly gerrymandered legislature.
  • A bare, extremely partisan and hackish majority of the Supreme Court refused to adjudicate the question of whether such gerrymanders are constitutional (because the question answers itself but they like things the way they are for obvious reasons), recycling world-historically specious arguments the Court had rejected decades ago.
  • Did I mention that four of the five hacks in question were nominated by presidents who initially took office despite losing the popular vote, and were confirmed by a legislative chamber that massively overrepresents white rural voters?
  • The unrepresentative legislature and unrepresentative bare majority conspired to send voters out in a deadly pandemic (and disenfranchise others) in a failed attempt to rig an judicial election to preserve the gerrymander that disenfranchises Wisconsin voters. The author of the Court’s ridiculous opinion justifying its collaboration in the election-rigging scheme couldn’t even keep up the pretense that he believed the reasoning of his faux-restrained opinion for a month.

The aristocrats!

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