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The leftist press world’s #RadicalMay starts today and includes my conversation with Noam Chomsky about worker resistance in the age of disaster capitalism. It’s going to a combination of what we want to talk about and some questions submitted through the Zoom cast that is going to be streamed through. I know I have points I want to make. Going to a pretty awesome time. 4:00 eastern. Be there or be a counterrevolutionary rightist!

I think this is where you can stream it, as well as the other amazing conversations happening.

….So to watch it live, you have to sign up here. Then at 3:30, you will get a Zoom link.

Here is a link to the conversation. The first couple of minutes got cut off, which was me introducing what we were doing and then asking Chomsky about the Great Depression and comparing it to today. Noam’s audio wasn’t real great and he doesn’t talk super loud anymore, so at times he’s a bit tough to hear, but mostly it’s fine. What a great honor to talk to him.

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