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Lockdown Prohibition? Let’s Bring Back That Jake Leg!


Who knew that Mexico deciding to shut breweries down as non-essential could lead to this problem!

Tainted alcohol has killed dozens of people in Mexico within the past two weeks, prompting concerns that the shutdown of breweries and laws to curb the consumption of alcohol are allowing black-market producers to cash in.

Mexican officials classified major breweries as nonessential businesses in early April, meaning they were no longer allowed to continue production. This has resulted in a shortage of beer — the country’s most popular alcoholic drink — in recent weeks.

In parts of the country, the sale of any alcohol has been restricted by law, either to discourage mass gatherings or because of concerns that increased consumption during the shutdown could increase domestic violence.

It remains unknown how many people have died after consuming tainted alcohol in the country in the past two weeks, with estimates ranging from at least 35 to more than 100. Tainted spirits can contain methanol, a substance that can cause lethal poisoning.

Yet more leaderocity from the clown in charge of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has done the amazing job of showing that the corrupt PRI and neoliberal PAN can actually be topped in crappiness.

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