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Fire Away

DORAL, FL – OCTOBER 23: Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump attends a campaigns rally In Florida at the Trump National Doral on October 23, 2015 in Doral, Florida. Trump leads most polls in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. (Photo by Johnny Louis/FilmMagic)

Libs, do you feel owned yet?

Gun people are taking pictures of themselves aiming weapons at their dicks. The safety is off, their finger hovers on the trigger, and the barrel of the weapon is pointed straight at their genitals. “Now these MAGA dolts are pointing guns at their dicks with the safeties off and their fingers on the trigger to own the libs,” filmmaker Dylan Park tweeted alongside three pictures of guns pointed at dicks.

But pointing a gun at your penis has nothing to do with owning the libs and everything to do with ironically mocking basic safety in gun culture. The trend is about a year old and it was born in the fires of Facebook’s gun groups. On one side are responsible gun owners, on the other is a group of men aiming a deadly weapon at their dicks to prove a point that they can only vaguely explain.

Actually, there’s no question for these idiots that this is about owning the libs–as they define them, which is people who don’t think pointing a gun at their dick is a good idea. In fact, the rest of the essay tries to place this in the context of different parts of gun culture, but that’s not particularly convincing. I mean, it’s true to some extent, but it refuses to deal with the basic point, which is that a growing number of Americans are psychotic fascists.

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