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Leader of Prominent Left Journal: Liberalism vs. Fascism¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I half-admire the fact that Sunkara openly concedes that his support for the consumer wank candidate just a petulant gesture, that Hawkins’s useless-at-best vanity campaign and party whose only tactic is ratfucking elections for Republicans contribute absolutely nothing to left politics on any time horizon:

We should be clear about what’s going on here:

Two additional points:

  • The “but I’m only one vote” defense is inoperative when you’re using a public forum to persuade other people not to vote for the only person other than Donald Trump who can be elected president. The two-step where people pivot from asserting that their voting preference is important enough to be repeatedly declared to a large audience in a public forum but not important enough to be criticized on the merits is genuinely pathetic.
  • It is true that at least some of these people don’t really want Trump to win, and are just free riding on the rank-and-file Democratic voters (disproportionately women of color) in swing states who don’t have the luxury of treating politics as a personal branding exercise to bail you out while you do what you can to make their lives more difficult. But this isn’t a defense. Indeed, in some ways it’s even more deplorable than people who sincerely but misguidedly believe in accelerationism despite its dismal track record in practice.

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